Our Story

Joseph Ngaruiya

Founder & CEO

Joseph Ngaruiya was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya until when he was 16 years of age. In December 2001 he migrated from Nairobi, Kenya, to the eastern Massachusetts city of Lowell with his mother Salome, to join his father Stephen who had arrived six months earlier. It was a new experience and the fact that he was coming from a Third-World country to a First-World country was a culture shock for him. He remembers feeling out of his cultural depths at Lowell High School, a part of a student body nearly 10 times larger than what he was accustomed to in Nairobi, and while he spoke English, his accent was a communication barrier.

His mother, who had worked as a banker in Nairobi, found work as a certified nursing assistant, and she and her husband worked 90-plus hours a week in rotating shifts to make ends meet. Hosted by an uncle, his two siblings joined them the following April, and the six members of the family lived together in a two-bedroom apartment.

He graduated from college and became a licensed practical nurse. For the love of business and his knowledge in nursing, he went to western Massachusetts in August 2006 to pursue real estate, where he built his first home but his real estate venture fell by the wayside when the market collapsed, forcing him to continue working in nursing.

In 2011, he began to venture into the home healthcare industry having worked in a nursing home and loving interacting with the elderly and their growing-up stories. Thus the seed for A Better Life Homecare was planted, and he rallied his family for support as he figured out how to self-fund his dream. In addition to his job as an LPN, he had another asset, his home. He signed up to participate in shared living, an arrangement in which an individual, a couple, or a family fosters a person with a disability who is in need of a home. The host receives a tax-free stipend. He accepted a person through the program and lived with him for four years, which gave him financial stability. In addition to that, his mother’s sister in Kenya sold a piece of her land to invest in his business idea, and, coupled with his savings, he had enough funds to launch his venture. In January 2014 he launched A Better Life Homecare.

In 2019, he received an award from Barry M. Portnoy Immigrant Entrepreneur Award presented by the Immigrant Learning Center in Boston, in recognition of the growth of his business, A Better Life Homecare, for which he was among 38 nominees from 26 countries, honored for the businesses they founded in Massachusetts. A Better Life Homecare is a huge success up to date and he is thankful that he got the opportunity to go to the US and to have achieved such success. As he always says, success is where preparation meets opportunity.

In addition to A Better Life Homecare, he owns a number of real estate such as Nalani Home in Kenya,   which is managed by Allen streets Investments ltd, and  494 Belmont ave Springfield MA which is managed by Nalani capital in the USA and also it hosts ABL headquarters. He also owns Niles Investment capital in Massachusetts, and other private equity and venture capital known as Nolan Farms & Nolan credit in Kenya.

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