Joseph Ngaruiya

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Joseph Ngaruiya was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya until when he was 16 years of age. In December 2001 he migrated from Nairobi, Kenya, to the Eastern Massachusetts city of Lowell with his mother Salome, to join his father Stephen who had arrived six months earlier.

He graduated from college and became a licensed practical nurse. For the love of business and his knowledge in nursing, he went to western Massachusetts in August 2006 to pursue real estate, where he built his first home but his real estate venture fell by the wayside when the market collapsed, forcing him to continue working in nursing.

In 2011, he began to venture into the home healthcare industry having worked in a nursing home and loving interacting with the elderly and their growing-up stories. Thus the seed for A Better Life Homecare was planted, and he rallied his family for support as he figured out how to self-fund his dream. In addition to his job as an LPN, he had another asset, his home. He signed up to participate in shared living, an arrangement in which an individual, a couple, or a family fosters a person with a disability who is in need of a home. In January 2014 he launched A Better Life Homecare (ABL) where he is the founder and the CEO in both ABL Springfield MA and Connecticut.

In addition to ABL, he owns a number of real estate such as Nalani Home in Kenya, and  494 Belmont ave Springfield MA in the USA and also it hosts ABL headquarters. He also owns Niles Investment capital in Massachusetts, and other private equity and venture capital known as Nolan Farms & Nolan Credit in Kenya.

Salome Njoroge

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Born and raised in Kenya, Salome Njoroge cleared her Education and joined Kenya Commercial Bank as a career Banker.

In the year 2001, she migrated from Nairobi, Kenya, to the Eastern Massachusetts city of Lowell to join her husband Stephen who had arrived earlier.

She trained as a Nurse after migrating to USA and found work as a licensed practical Nurse.
Together with her husband, they worked 90-plus hours a week in rotating shifts to make ends meet.

Together with her son Joseph Ngaruiya, they started A Better Life Homecare (ABL) Company where she Manages the finance department. She is also in charge of all the finances for Nalani Home, Nolan farm, and Nolan Credit in Kenya.

Stephen Kanyoni

Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Born and raised in Muranga County, after clearing his Education, he secured his employment at Delmonte Kenya Limited previously known as Kenya Canners where he was the head of computer department.

After raising enough capital he exited employment in 1998 and embarked on his personal businesses so ventured  into wholesale business and real estate before migrating into USA in the year 2001 to look for greener pastures. He was later joined by his wife and children within the same year. They worked their way to success whereby he established his transport business in the USA.

He came back to Kenya in the year 2018 to oversee the establishment of Ngaruiya Family business in Kenya such as Nalani Homes Project, Nolan Credit and Nolan farm.

Mr. Kanyoni  is the Chief investment officer in charge of all the investment activities at Ngaruiya Family Office. He has played a pivotal role in the establishment of all the Ngaruiya family investment projects in Kenya.


Vincent Njuguna

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Born and raised in Kenya, Vincent   holds a Masters degree in Banking and Finance from the Catholic University of Milan, Italy, and a BSc (Finance) from Kabarak University (Kenya). His previous experience includes: working with AISEC Milan where he was involved in several projects pitched by entrepreneurs for a duration of one and half years. He has also worked with a local tier 1 bank in Kenya for two years. 

He is a scholar who believes education is a never-ending process and mentors our children to be driven by the same mantra. In May 2021, Vincent successfully completed the Harvard Business School Online Certificate Program on Disruptive Strategy. He is a Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) fellow having successfully completed the 2018 accelerator program from Santa Clara University based in Silicon Valley in the USA. 

He is a social entrepreneur who is out to positively impact society by empowering it with knowledge and means. He is the the general manager for Nalani homes, Nolan credit and Nolani farms. His excellent leadership skills together with his passion, diligence, and love for humanity have seen him forge unity and cooperation to the Kenyan team.

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